The raw materials
Deestone use para rubber from Thailand as the raw material which is the best quality of the world effect to the green type exports and one-third of the world. The south part of Thailand is the quality production and expension to other art for para rubber plantation. Therefore, the ready rubberproduction serve need all of the year.
The cost of production decrease and promotion the profession will be increased.
Moreover, the raw material consist of synthesis fire, canvas, and wire will move to the production process.

The raw material from Thailand move to 7 steps of process as follow.

  • Banbury mixing step. The Banbury mixer is the starting of processing, green type (natural and synthesis) and the chemical substance miling in the control temperature and pressure room.
  • Miling step. The tyre from banbury mixing will move to miling machine for the long plate shape by two rollers movable as different speed and circulation.
    Extruding and calendaring step. After passing the miling, the tire move to the pressure using canlender machine.
  • Extruding and calendaring step.  After passing the miling, the tire move to the pressure using canlender machine.
  • Compotent assembly step. The component assembly must use automatic machine with high technology. The machine consist of rotating drum, which use in this process.
  • Building step by tyre building machine  is the important process because it must use all of mentioned above as the green tyre. The tyre buiding machine was designed appropriately and up to date in order to increasing the production efficiently.
  • Curing and vulcanizing step. The worker bring the green tyre into curing press for the sticky tyre and flexibility changing into decreasing the flexible and increasing endurance. The curing must control time, temperature and pressure. The hot water flow should appropriate for the vulcanizing.
  • Inspection and finishing step. After completion the curing must pass the inspection all of tire before sending to warehouse.
By the various products and product standard process of Deestone provide to the customer both the internal and external tire of the car and motorcycle. The products provide the commercial aspect such as truck tyre, large bus tyre, agricultural tyre etc.
The radial for 4 wheel drive, car and pick up. Deestone serve the work in various type such as smooth as silk, focusing on potential, holding the road, off-road tyre et.